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Editorial review


Amelia Wagner Senior editor

SecuStar is an application that helps you manage your passwords.

This program has a friendly and easy-to-use interface. After installing the app, you are asked to set a master password for using the program. It is essential to remember this password, because you need to enter it every time you open the tool.
To save an account and its password, you can use 'Add a new entry'. It allows you to add a title to the entry, to type the Internet address, to enter your username and the password. You can also select a category for the entry and even add a comment. You can easily find a specific entry by using the search function. When you select an entry, the program displays the web address, the user name and the password. You can set the program to automatically open the specified address and enter the log on data.

Another nice thing about this application is that it checks the URLs for malware or attack websites. Despite the fact that it’s an unregistered version, the program gives you the possibility to add up to 30 entries, which is more than sufficient. However, I found a small error in the application. Although it has a maximize option, it doesn’t work properly.

In conclusion, this is a nice program that can be very useful if you want to safely store all your accounts and passwords. Due to the master password that you enter when you open the application, you don’t have to worry about someone finding your data.


  • Easy-to-use.
  • Automatically enters log-on data.
  • High security.


  • The maximize option doesn’t work.
  • No available themes.

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